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BriteScan’s iVeris™ uses artificial intelligence to identify, test and authenticate herbs, spices, fish, meat and more! cGMP/FSMA compliant testing anywhere for just a few dollars. iVeris™ utilizes the same AI algorithms used to unlock a smartphone with a thumbprint.

“So impressed with BriteScan! It really is a WOW technology that you’ve brought to the table.”

—JILL HOFFMAN, Director, Global Quality Systems and Food Safety, McCormick & Company


simple and functional

BriteScan’s iVeris™ instantly authenticates materials using Artificial Intelligence and computer vision at a pixel level delivering accurate and reliable results in less than a minute. No more skip-lot testing!

BriteScan’s mission is to provide affordable and accurate cutting-edge testing platforms to increase transparency, traceability and safety throughout natural product supply chains.

“iVeris is so cheap and easy we can do extensive testing along the entire supply chain. Plus it’s more accurate than traditional testing so we can be confident our materials are authentic.”

— Herb importer

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Increase transparency, traceability and safety throughout your supply chain globally.

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Strategically place iVeris™ boxes around the globe and follow your materials in real time from farm to manufacturing. Perform validated cGMP compliant testing, identify process gaps and keep suppliers honest.

build your testing independence

Conduct cGMP/FSMA certified testing faster and cheaper without the need to ship samples or wait for results. Let artificial intelligence quickly and affordably provide you with accurate, validated testing anywhere along your supply chain.

“With BriteScan not only did we cut our testing fees by more than 95%, we also eliminated thousands on shipping costs.”

—Supplement Manufacturer

easy set up

Build a custom database to your
specific specifications in a just a
couple of hours and use immediately!
iVeris™ has a simple touchscreen
interface and easy to follow
instructions. Provide a box to a proxy
overseas and instantly get accurate
results from around the world.

Instantly share digital results around the world in real-time, allowing you to make quick informed decisions about your materials to keep your supply chains moving.

identity testing meets artificial intelligence

Let Computer Vision & Deep Machine Learning technology compare your target image to a cloud-based database and easily identify it according to your predetermined specifications. BriteScan software resides in the cloud, ensuring security and reliability around the globe.

affordable, comprehensive, one-touch testing

The iVeris™ imaging device lets you effortlessly digitize your supply chain for mere pennies. Affordably test all lots and satisfy cGMP/FSMA requirements. Then generate a CoA and share around the world instantly.

this isn’t blockchain - this is supply chain security

iVeris™ doesn’t track a barcode on a box, it authenticates the valuable material inside the box. Know if your materials have been compromised instantly and ensure you get what you paid for.

“BriteScan makes common sense. You don’t need to be scientist to get it. Now we can check our teas including blends for quality and adulteration in just seconds. It really keeps our suppliers honest.”

— CEO Tea Importer

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Leverage artificial intelligence and cloud-based infrastructure to digitize your supply chain.


Oregano Sample #483478

safe and secure

The BriteScan platform is safe and secure and undergoes a number of extensive security check measures to ensure quality and consistency regardless of an organization’s size, location or financial position. You control the quality of your testing and can tailor it to your specifications. All of your images remain yours. No one, including BriteScan, can use or access your images without your express written permission.

“Another incredible new technology resource for our industry!”

—ANGELA MCELWEE, President & CEO, Gaia Herbs

See all of your raw ingredients, identify their species, quality and location instantly and then view the results in real-time.

seamless, instant verification

One button testing

Using the built-in touchscreen, perform one-touch testing on any material samples that fit in the iVeris™ chamber.

Instant results

See results in less than 60 seconds and produce a CoA with the click of a button. All results stay in your secure portal indefinitely.

View testing history

Easily access testing history by date, sample information, and user instantly.

Update existing and develop new testing databases

Edit an existing database or assist in the construction of a new database with anyone in the world you choose.

From authenticity and adulteration, to origin, freshness, and quality, from anywhere along the supply-chain!

what can I use it for?

Applications are limitless!

AI algorithms analyze materials at a pixel level allowing verification of a wide range of quality and authenticity attributes which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Works on raw materials and finished products including whole, processed, powders and liquids, both natural and manmade.

herb authentication

The iVeris™ quickly and easily identifies the species, plant part, and form of nearly any herb and spice—even those that look very similar. BriteScan has been proven by product manufacturers to accurately detect low levels of adulterants such as parsley in cilantro leaves, filth in black pepper, and even dyes in spice powders.

olive oil adulteration

The iVeris™ has the power to detect subtle differences in color in homogenous liquids such as oils and beverages. The iVeris™ has been successfully used to detect the presence of lesser quality vegetable oils mixed with extra virgin olive oil.

coffee origin

Kona coffee from Hawaii is one of the most rare coffee varieties in the world and is subject to rampant mislabeling. To confirm the origin of green Kona beans, a coffee distributor developed a validated test in a few hours with 100% accuracy.

tracking diamonds

iVeris™ has been used to “fingerprint” uncut diamonds so they can be tracked along the supply chain. Because it doesn’t require experts, it can be used at the source in the mine. Using only 20 pictures of each diamond to train the software, the iVeris™ was able to distinguish diamonds with over 95% accuracy.

fish substitution

Small samples of fish fillets were imaged to identify the species right at the source, without having to ship perishable samples or wait for lab results. The iVeris™ was used successfully to identify the difference between King Salmon and Ocean Trout, which look virtually identical.